Atletico Madrid face Champions League exclusion unless spending is reduced by 2025

Atletico Madrid could face a future issue over competing in the Champions League from 2025 onwards.

Los Rojiblancos have qualified for the Champions League in every season since the 2013/14 campaign
as part of an incredible run of consistency from Diego Simeone.

However, concerns over the tightening of UEFA Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules in the years ahead could cause
a problem, as per reports from Mundo Deportivo, and data from The Economist.READ MORE

As per current data, 70% of teams competing in the 2023/24 Champions League would not meet FFP spending in 2025/26, which relates to ‘exceeding 70% of the income they obtained in the last fiscal year’.

Currently each club will only be permitted to spend 70% of income on player/coach salaries, transfers and agent fees ahead of the 2025/26 Champions League season.

The limit for this season is 90%, and for 2024/25, it drops to 80%, which would be a concern for Atletico.

The figures relating to Atletico currently stand at €320m on squad cost, with €377m in income, which places their tally at 85% spend of income on the above outlay.

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