CAF may move the women’s and men’s African Cups of Nations. What is the reason?

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) is currently engrossed in the meticulous orchestration and planning of
forthcoming tournaments, yet the circumstances surrounding it are exceedingly intricate.

As reported by the BBC, organizers have acknowledged grappling with a “nightmare of scheduling,” albeit the dates for
future tournaments are nearing finalization. Veron Mosengo-Omba, the General Secretary of the Confederation of
African Football, has disclosed that they will announce the date for the next Women’s Confederation Cup by the end of
June. However, there exists a substantial probability that the tournament might be deferred to the following year.

We were slated to play this year, but we have teams participating in the Olympic Games, hence we must seek an alternative date. We are in discussions with UEFA, as most players compete in Europe, with the European Club Association, and also with FIFA, to ascertain a suitable date,” he stated.

Moreover, Veron Mosengo-Omba declared that even the Men’s African Cup of Nations is under threat of postponement.Gareth Southgate says

This is due to the fact that in June and July 2025, the Club World Cup will be held in a new format. Consequently, it might be rescheduled to the beginning of 2026.

As for the men’s tournament, we must ensure that the dates we select align with the players’ interests. To achieve this, we need to balance various aspects and engage in discussions with our partners, after which we will finalize [the determination of dates]. Planning is a nightmare for all,” the General Secretary of CAF added.

It’s worth reminding that apart from the Euros this summer, a football tournament will take place at the Olympics. Many footballers aspire to compete in Paris, however, not all clubs are willing to release their stars.

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