Dani Alves is facing a possible 9-year jail sentence

Dani Alves’ former cellmate told Telecinco’s ‘Fiesta’ program that the prison of Brians 2 in Barcelona has activated the
anti-suicide protocol with him to prevent him from cutting himself or attempting suicide.

He has been depressed for some time because he sees the end of a process that could result in a sentence of nearly
10 years in prison.

Prison authorities at Brians 2 have activated the anti-suicide protocol with Dani Alves, the former footballer who faces a
possible 9-year jail sentence for allegedly raping/sexually assaulting a girl at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on 30th
December 2022.

Since his statement at his trial, in which he claimed he is innocent, and even going back to the days before he appeared
in the dock, his mental health has plummeted and bosses at the center fear he may harm himself or try to end his life.

This was revealed by a former cellmate who, curiously enough, is called Coutinho. He did so on the program ‘Fiesta’, on
‘Telecinco’, where he said: “Extreme measures have been taken. As a result of the trial, he has been in a slump. Like
depressed, crestfallen.

Dani Alves’ anti-suicide protocol activated

The educators and the civil servants were holding him in their arms, for fear that he would cut himself or try to do
something crazy or something like that. He was with that protocol the day after the trial”.

Over the last few months, the media have reported that the attitude of the former Barcelona, Pumas, PSG, Juventus,
Sevilla, and Sao Paulo player, who, in his first appearances in front of the press, seemed much better than he is now,
has become less and less positive.

His body language is dejected, probably because the statements of some witnesses, including a friend and even his
wife, portray him as a man who came home drunk and smelling of alcohol.

Given this story, it is increasingly likely that the prosecution’s demands will be met and Dani Alves will be sentenced to 9
years in prison. At the age of 40, his sporting career is over and he is now fighting to save his image, which has been
deeply damaged.

Before his bail was denied he was planning to flee to Brazil as soon as he had the option, as the prisoner who shared
his cell with him revealed. Officials soon found out about this and the judiciary kept him in detention to prevent it.Read More

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