EA FC 24 James Maddison Triple Threat objective – All tasks, rewards, and more

The James Maddison Triple Threat objective is now live in EA FC 24,
meaning players can earn a brand new promo card for free.

This inclusion has been released alongside the Triple Threat promo’s main roster of special items that are available in packs.

While you’ll have to rely on your luck to find these rare cards, that won’t be the case with Maddison’s event item.

With a bit of strategy, you should be able to complete all of this objective’s tasks at no additional cost.

This will let you unlock the special card and allow you to use it across different game modes.

As usual, this objective comes with multiple tasks, each of which has certain conditions that you’ll have to satisfy.

Once all the segments are completed, you’ll unlock all the rewards offered by the James Maddison Triple Threat objective in EA FC 24.

All EA FC 24 James Maddison Triple Threat objective tasks.READ MORE

The James Maddison Triple Threat objective contains four different tasks.

It doesn’t matter which order you complete them in, although some of them will be easier to accomplish than others.

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