Esports World Cup breaks 1m viewers in League of Legends, trails in Warzone

The first two tournaments at the Esports World Cup in Saudi Arabia have concluded during the event’s first week, with winners for League of Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone decided over the weekend.

League of Legends Tournament
Peak Viewership: Over 1.11 million viewers
Average Viewership: Around 565,000 viewers across 22 hours of air time
Participating Teams: Included major international teams such as T1, Bilibili Gaming, Gen.G, and Team Liquid
Winner: Korea’s T1, who defeated China’s Top Esports in the grand finals
Notable Achievements: The tournament became the third most-watched League of Legends event of 2024, with T1 being the most-watched team, generating around 8.8 million hours watched.

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Call of Duty: Warzone Tournament
Peak Viewership: Just over 135,000 viewers
Average Viewership: 76,180 viewers across 19.5 hours of air time
Winner: Team Falcons from Saudi Arabia, who had the best overall performance in the eight matches played
Viewership Ranking: The event was the second most-watched Warzone event of the year, though it did not rank in the game’s top 50 tournaments by peak viewership.
Both tournaments were short in duration, beginning and concluding within the first week of the event. Additional tournaments in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Dota 2 also commenced during this period.

Esports World Cup Overview
Duration: The event spans July and August
Organizers: Esports World Cup Foundation, funded by the Saudi Arabian government
Controversy: The event has faced criticism due to Saudi Arabia’s human rights record.
The League of Legends tournament, with its significant peak and average viewership, stood out as a major highlight, while the Warzone tournament, despite lower viewership, marked a successful win for the home team, Team Falcons. The ongoing event promises more esports action with other games as it progresses throughout the summer months.

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