Euro 2024 schedule: Full list of matches and day-by-day fixtures

Euro 2024 is fast approaching and 24 countries have qualified for the knockout stages with three games guaranteed to play in the group stages, but a small number of them are dreaming of going away, hoping to play seven full games and win. In Berlin on July 14th.

Another summer football action will see England, Spain, France and the German hosts all move forward for a month, hoping to become the country that transforms Italy into a continental champion.

Here is the full schedule for Euro 2024 Plus: Below you can see the daily fixtures and times:

Friday, June 14

Group A: Germany v Scotland (2:00 am)
June 15
Group A: Hungary face Switzerland (20:00 pm)
B: Spain v Croatia (23:00 pm)
B: Italy against Albania (02:00 am)

June 16
Group D: Poland face the Netherlands (20:00 pm)
C: Slovenia face Denmark (23:00 pm)
C: Serbia play England (20:00 pm)

June 17
Group E: Romania face Ukraine (20:00 pm)
E: Belgium against Slovakia (23:00 pm)
D: Austria v France (02:00 am)

June 18
Group F: Turkey v Georgia (23:00 pm)
F: Portugal v Czech Republic (02:00 AM)

June 19
Group B: Croatia v Albania (20:00 pm)
A: Germany against Hungary (23:00 pm)
A: Scotland take on Switzerland (2:00 p.m.)

June 20
Group C: Slovenia v Serbia (20:00 pm)
C: Denmark play England (23:00 pm)
B: Spain against Italy (02:00 am)

June 21
Group E: Slovakia face Ukraine (20:00 pm)
D: Poland v Austria (23:00 pm)
D: Netherlands v France (02:00 am)

June 22
Group F: Georgia v Czech Republic (20:00 pm)
F: Turkey v Portugal (23:00 pm)
E: Belgium against Romania (02:00 am)

June 22
Group F: Georgia v Czech Republic (20:00 pm)
F: Turkey v Portugal (23:00 pm)
E: Belgium against Romania (02:00 am)

June 23
Group A: Switzerland against Germany (02:00 am)
A: Scotland v Hungary (2:00 am)

June 24
Group B: Croatia v Italy (02:00 am)
Group B: Albania face Spain (02:00 am)
June 25

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