Horizon Forbidden West review: A breathtaking tapestry of mechanized marvels

Get ready to set foot into the untamed wilds with our Horizon Forbidden West review, the sequel
to the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn.

Set in the distant future, we follow a brave hunter named Aloy who is marked by a mysterious past.
She ventures into the forbidden western lands to find a cure for the planet.

A deadly red blight threatens the future, and she must unravel its secrets, face terrifying new machines, and forge alliances to save a world teetering on the brink.READ MORE

Previously exclusive to the Playstation5, the game is now available on PC as a complete edition.

If you’re still unsure whether or not you’d like to pick a fight with a mechanized otter, check out our spoiler-free ONE Esports Horizon Forbidden West review to see if the game ticks enough boxes to be put on your wish list.
Horizon Forbidden West review by ONE Esports
As someone who played the first game, I was a big fan of Horizon Forbidden West even before it came out.

The original trailers looked ambitious yet achievable considering the quality of Zero Dawn. When I finally got my hands on Forbidden West, it didn’t disappoint.
The combat had been vastly improved upon from Zero Dawn, new machines and weapons were added, and the story had me hooked from start to finish.

Were we finally going to save the world? Who are all these new people? What is that machine?!

Speaking of machines, I didn’t think they could get any better, but I was so wrong. Enough teasing for now, let’s dig into this Horizon Forbidden West review.

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