Klopp harshly criticised Chelsea owners for their attitude towards coaches

At his farewell event with Liverpool fans, Jürgen Klopp shared his thoughts on the club’s owners, comparing them to others in the English Premier League.

The German coach harshly criticized the owners of Chelsea for sacking Mauricio Pochettino after a successful end to the season:

“We should be very happy that we have such owners, and not those guys from London and others. I wouldn’t have survived even one season at Liverpool! ‘Good development, but that’s not enough, sacked him.’ A year later: sacked him! They start playing football that could bring them back to the top, and then they sacked the manager again”.

Klopp has been Liverpool’s manager since October 2015. Despite some setbacks, he enjoyed absolute trust and was never on the verge of being fired.READ MORE

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