Manchester City reportedly sues Premier League over ‘discrimination’

Manchester City has launched legal action against the Premier League in an unprecedented case that centers on what
the league champions refer to as “discrimination against Gulf ownership,” according to the Times.

The Times says the City wants to remove the Associated Party Transaction rules.Frank Lampard

The measures, which were voted through at a Premier League shareholders’ meeting in February, are aimed at
preventing clubs from making large commercial deals with companies that are linked to their owners.

The APT rules state that deals have to be independently assessed and thought to be of fair market value. According to
the report, the City believes that the regulations are “unlawful.”

City are reportedly also unhappy with the League’s voting rules. As things stand, 14 of the 20 clubs need to vote for a
proposal for it to be adopted, a system City feels plays to “the tyranny of the majority.”

The Times reports that an independent tribunal will hear the case next week. It all comes ahead of the hearing on City’s
115 charges of alleged rule-breaking relating to financial fair play, set to take place later this year.

Manchester City won their fourth consecutive Premier League title at the end of last season.

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