Phantom Blade Executioners: How to level up quickly

Phantom Blade: Executioners is a new RPG title by Sharpman Studio Ltd. The game being an RPG throws a variety of enemies your way as players and thus it makes it difficult for some to navigate their way through levels. Thus it is imperative for you as players to keep on leveling up in the game as it helps to add some attributes to the statistics of the characters, ranging from health to damage. In this Phantom Blade Executioners guide we will share some tips and tricks as to how players can quickly level up in the game.READ MORE

How to level up faster in Phantom Blade: Executioners
1. Defeat enemies and progress through the storyline
The best and most straightforward response to the question, of how to level up would be to keep on progressing through the storyline. There might be some stages of the game where processing would be very hard owning to a higher level of enemies. To tackle such a situation, players can always replay the stages they have already cleared in order to have some more XP under their belt which would contribute to the overall character development.

The more enemies you defeat the more XP you gain and ultimately more skill points you get helping you level up quickly and defeat higher-level enemies in the game. There are some hidden areas on the map as well which players should be mindful of as they can also help a lot in getting additional XP by interacting with the NPCs or defeating enemies in those areas.

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