PUBG Mobile or BGMI: Complete list of Payload Mode Weapons, functions and Tactical usage

PUBG Mobile or BGMI has consistently captivated the hearts of gamers worldwide with its intense, strategic gameplay. Among its various modes, Payload Mode stands out, introducing players to an array of heavy weaponry and advanced vehicles that significantly alter the dynamics of battle. This PUBG Mobile guide explores all the Payload mode weapons, detailing each weapon’s features and tactical applications to help you dominate the battlefield.

Introducing the PUBG Mobile Payload Mode
Payload Mode is a unique variant of the traditional battle royale format, offering an arsenal of military-grade weapons and vehicles not available in classic matches. This mode emphasizes teamwork, strategy, and the effective use of powerful armaments to secure victory. The inclusion of helicopters, rocket launchers, and grenade launchers adds a thrilling layer of complexity, transforming the gameplay into a high-octane experience. To know more about the Payload mode, you can check our detailed guide on the gamemode here.READ MORE

1. M79 Grenade Launcher
2. M3E1-A Rocket Launcher
3. RPG-7
4. MGL Grenade Launcher
5. M134 Minigun
6. AT4-A Laser-Guided Missile
7. M202 Quadruple Rocket Launcher
8. Grenades and Explosives
9. Armored Vehicles in Payload Mode 2.0

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