PUBG Mobile x Pagani collaboration brings two iconic vehicles into the game

One of the most globally beloved mobile games, PUBG Mobile, expresses its enthusiasm in revealing a collaboration with
the renowned Italian hypercar manufacturer, Pagani S.p.A. From November 10th, 2023 to January 7th, 2024, two
renowned Pagani models will be unveiled in PUBG Mobile, featuring color schemes unique to the gaming platform.READ MORE

PUBG Mobile elevates gameplay with high-performance hypercars from Pagani
Founded in 1998, Pagani has gained acclaim for producing exceptional, limited-edition hypercars that seamlessly
combine artistic design with engineering excellence. Players of PUBG Mobile have the opportunity to immerse themselves
in the thrill of Pagani’s iconic creations, ranging from the high-performance Pagani Imola to the track-focused Pagani Zonda R.

These models are offered in various configurations, including official livery, solid colors, color blocking, and collaborative color options such as the Imola in the iridescent Nebula Dream and the Zonda R in the music equalizer-inspired Melodic Midnight. The Imola also comes in a special effect colorway, Arctic Aegic, featuring a captivating frosty ice effect.

However, the luxurious and thrilling experience doesn’t end with these extraordinary vehicles. PUBG Mobile players can enhance their in-game experience by adding exclusive Pagani items, including the Pagani Parachute, Driver Cover, Driver Top, Driver Bottoms, and Driver Shoes.

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