Rudiger ‘won’t allow himself to be insulted’ as Islamist

Antonio Rudiger gave an interview to ‘Bild’ to explain his gesture that could have led to misunderstandings. “The gesture I used is called the tawheed finger. In Islam, this is considered a symbol of the unity and uniqueness of God,” he said.

Rudiger opened up in an interview for ‘Bild’, where he explained his gesture that could have led to misinterpretations. He filed a complaint with the Berlin public prosecutor’s office against journalist Julian Reichelt for linking him to the ISIS terrorist group.

“The gesture I used is called the tawheed finger. In Islam, this is considered a symbol of the unity and uniqueness of God. The gesture is widespread among Muslims all over the world and has only been classified as unproblematic by the Federal Ministry of the Interior in the last few days,” he began.

Antonio Rudiger spoke about his religion

The German spoke about his religion and said he would not tolerate such accusations: “As a devout Muslim, I practice my faith, but I firmly distance myself from any kind of extremism and accusations of Islamism. Violence and terrorism are unacceptable. I stand for peace and tolerance.

“However, I also recognize that due to insufficient attention, I have allowed third parties to deliberately misinterpret my
posting to divide and polarize. But I will not offer a platform for division and radicalization, which is why I have decided
to make a clear statement after our two successful international matches,” he continued.

“At the same time, I will not allow myself to be insulted and denigrated as an Islamist. That’s why I decided to file a
report. This is about propaganda and division. I will always resolutely defend myself against this,” he concluded.Read More

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