The Premier League club is facing big problems. It is facing external administration

In September, it was announced that Fakhrad Moshiri had sold Everton to US investment company 777 Partners but,
the deal has hung in the air, jeopardising the financial viability of the club.

According to The Sun, Everton could be entering external administration. Everton’s debt to 777 Partners is to blame, which has
already risen to £200m after they committed £15m to pay wages and stadium costs.

It has been reported that the threat of bankruptcy is as soon as 48 hours away once the takeover offer from 777 Partners is Confirmed.READ MORE

There are two outcomes that could save the Toffees. The first, very obvious and quite simple, is to organise a sale of their star players. The second, also obvious, but more difficult – is to change the owner of the club.

Crystal Palace owner John Textor is ready to buy Everton from Moshiri, and in an interview with The Athletic he admitted that he was in talks to take over the Toffees, but there is no final point in the sale of the club to 777 Partners, which puts the deal in doubt.

Textor himself has to sell Crystal Palace first, as he owns 45 per cent of the club through his company Eagle Football Holdings.

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