Townsend hopes chewing chicken feet will lift him up Luton’s pecking order

Former England forward Andros Townsend (32) is hoping chewing on chicken feet can help him excel on
the wing and give his flagging football career a second wind.

He joined Premier League newcomers Luton Town last month on a short-term deal, having sat out the whole of last season
and the end of the 2021-22 campaign while injured as an Everton player.

The winger has turned to natural remedies as he looks to repair his body and avoid a recurrence of the serious knee
injury that had kept him sidelined.READ MORE

“One of the best natural sources of collagen is chicken feet. It is simple,” the player told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Monday Night Club.

While a popular snack in many parts of the world, chicken feet do not commonly appear on a Premier League footballer’s menu,
but Townsend is convinced the food is helping him become fitter than ever, along with other marginal gains he is adopting.

“It tastes exactly like a chicken wing. It is low on meat, it has a lot of cartilage close to the bone. It’s got skin around it.
It’s very nice. In China, South Africa and in Portugal, it is eaten quite commonly. It’s 20 minutes
in the steam oven and get it down you.

“Mouth taping, I am doing that. All I know is that I am 32 years of age, I’ve been out of the game for two years and I feel absolutely amazing.

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