Tyson Fury: ‘I got nearly £50 million for Francis Ngannou fight’!

Tyson Fury was in provocative mode at the press conference ahead of his February 17th fight with Oleksandr Usyk. The winner will go down as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, a crown no-one has claimed since the year 2000.

Fury won a split decision over Francis Ngannou last month. There but there was very little discussion of that match during the official press conference but afterwards the Englishman was asked if he needed time to get that fight out of his system.READ MORE

Fury made it clear that he was more worried about the size of his purse than the standard of his performance,

“I just got paid nearly £50 million quid are you stupid or what? I’ve been out thinking about buying jumbo gets, mansions. All sorts of stuff!”

Language barrier

Usyk only speaks basic English so it wasn’t clear whether he understood Fury’s taunts. The Englishman repeatedly accused him of being scared and called him ugly.

He even accused Usyk of faking a low blow during his fight with Daniel Dubois. Afterwards Fury complained that his attempts to wind the Ukrainian up were frustrated by the language barrier,
“I came here to pick a fight with Oleksandr. It’s hard speaking to a foreigner who don’t speak good English back, it’s very unnatural but we’re here to fight.

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