UEFA says | Women’s Champions League has no VAR due to ‘logistical issues’

UEFA has insisted there are “significant technical, operational and logistical challenges” to implementing VAR

at all Women’s Champions League games following calls for its more widespread use after refereeing mistakes marred Chelsea’s 2-2 draw at Real Madrid.

The Chelsea manager, Emma Hayes, said her side had been “robbed of a 3-1 victory” by “two humongous decisions”

which she described as “embarrassing.”

Hayes first saw her side concede an unjustified penalty when Chelsea’s Jessie Fleming fouled Athenea del Castillo

outside the box – that was converted to make the game 2-2.

Then, in the 95th minute, the referee, Frida Klarlund, disallowed what would have been a winner from Niamh Charles

for offside against Sam Kerr, even though the Australian was not interfering with play.

A UEFA spokesperson refused to be drawn on whether the refereeing team would be stood down or spoken to

but said all matches and officials were routinely assessed after each game.

The spokesperson also said that while Uefa did intend to eventually bring in VAR for all Women’s Champions League games,

and not just the latter stages as it currently stands, it was not possible to do so yet.Read More

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