Valorant soon to be playable on consoles

MANILA, Philippines – Riot Games has announced during the 2024 Summer Game Fest that its first-person-shooting game,
Valorant, will soon be available on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 consoles, with a limited beta starting this month
for select areas and rolling out to other global regions within the year.

Launched in 2020 on PC, Valorant is a free-to-play 5v5 tactical shooting game that combines precise gunplay,
unique character abilities and strategic map positioning to win rounds.

“We believe there are millions of players that would love to play Valorant, but currently can’t, and we hope to change
that with bringing Valorant to consoles. We aim to provide them the joy of the Valorant experience and all it entails:
a core tactical shooter gameplay focused on mastery and player expression, a team based competitive environment
where match quality and fairness comes first, our amazing ecosystem with a unique style, high quality cosmetics and
a thriving community that values personal and competitive identity,” said Valorant’s production director at Riot Games,
Arnar Gylfason.Gen.G and Mobil 1 extend Rocket League partnership for 2025

Unlike some games that are played across different devices, Valorant on console will not have a cross-play feature between
PC and consoles. But players on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 will have a connected, shared inventory and gameplay progression tied to their Valorant account. Both PC and console players will receive simultaneous platform releases of all live patch balances, new agents, maps, premium content, and additional live service features.

“When exploring whether to bring Valorant to additional platforms, we knew we had to be able to offer the same uncompromising, competitive experience that we’ve provided to PC players for years: a precise, team-based, tactical shooter. We were adamant that Valorant’s core, competitive gameplay, must feel natural on a controller; and — if we couldn’t deliver on that gameplay promise — we had to be prepared to walk away from it. We hope we nailed it, but ultimately, our players will have the final say,” added Gylfason.

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